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5/30 Update Announcement


Dear Players:


Q has arrived with the latest news from Eggy Island! Let's check it out!


【Game Mode Updates】
I. EV Club Updates
Map selected: Dragon Contest
Event Time: Available after 31 May, 00:00
This map features a points-based mode. Collect items to increase the length of your dragon. Touching another player or obstacles will shorten your dragon. Let's see who can make the longest dragon!


【Event Updates】
I. Prickles Mystery Box Limited-time Sale
Event Time: 31 May, 00:00 - 13 Jun, 23:59
Event Details: Prickles makes a limited-time return to Eggy Island! During the event, spend 8 Shiny Coins to crack open a golden egg. The first smash only requires 2 Shiny Coins, and the next two attempts will have a 50% discount. Smashing the golden eggs may yield rewards like the emojis "Heart Pierced", "Yee-haw!", and more! The collectible outfit Prickles is guaranteed within 9 attempts!

II. New Season Pre-registration Event Begins
Event Time: 31 May, 00:00 - 6 Jun, 23:59
Event Instructions: After pre-registering, you'll receive a reminder on the day the new season begins so you won't miss its start! You'll also get Fashion Badges for registering!

III. Weekend Hustle Preview Event Start
Event Time: 24 May, 00:00 - 6 Jun, 23:59
Event Details: The Weekend Hustle event will officially launch on June 7, with a free Shiny Coins giveaway! Starting today, log in and complete the 7-day sign-in to receive the Swing Dance action and other rewards!


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