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5/23 Update Announcement


Dear Players,


To ensure all players can have a great gaming experience, we will be performing a zero-downtime maintenance between 14:00-14:30 (GMT+8) on 5/23. We will make another announcement notifying you about the end of the update once it's been concluded.

Details of this update are as follows:


【Game Mode Updates】
New Mode: Eggy Arena
Opening Time: Opens at 00:00 on 24 May, 2024, and continues thereafter.
In Solo Mode, 16 Eggies fight individually, competing through four rounds to crown the champion!
In Duo Mode, 16 Eggies are divided into 8 teams, competing through three rounds to crown the champion. Lead your friends to victory!\


【Event Updates】
I. New Journey in the Woods Mystery Box
Event Time: 24 May, 00:00 - 18 Jul, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Participate in the Mystery Box event for a chance to win the Pancake Girl & Dire Wolf Choice Chest, along with exclusive accessories and actions! Upon getting the choice chest, you can select and receive either "Pancake Girl" or "Dire Wolf". Once you've made your choice, you can get the other reward for just 10 Egg Coins! Act quickly and bring Pancake Girl and Dire Wolf home!

II. Pancake Girl's Baking Day Event Opens
Event Time: 24 May, 00:00 - 18 Jul, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: During the event, complete goals to collect Strawberries, and stand a chance to win exclusive rewards such as accessories, emojis!

III. Eggyverse Arcade 2.0 Opens
Event Time: 25 May, 00:00 - 7 Jun, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: The Eggyverse Arcade event is making its grand return! Prepare for egg-citement and enjoyment as you delve into our new offerings! Tap "Eggyverse Arcade 2.0" to unlock a whole new world of Eggy Code and play popular single-player mini-games! Play for 5 days during the event for the chance to win awesome rewards such as the "Cutesy Dance" action, "Checkered Wallet" waist accessory, and "Starry Eyes Glasses" facial accessory! Rally your Eggy squad and let the fun be doubled!

IV. Midsummer Dream Map Creation Contest
Event Time: 24 May, 10:00 - 27 Jun, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Beat the heat this summer! The Midsummer-themed Map Creation Contest is now open! Head to the Workshop to design summer-themed maps and show everyone your creativity! Publish your entries to win big!

V. Midsummer Dream Unit Contest
Event Time: 24 May, 10:00 - 6 Jun, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Unleash your imagination and create Midsummer-themed units! Share your unit exchange codes on the official Discord for a chance to win up to 588 Egg Coins! Participants will also receive 100 Fashion Badges!


【Balance Adjustments for Ultimate Skills & Items】
Balance adjustments have been made to certain ultimate skills and items to improve overall gameplay. These adjustments primarily focus on boosting underperforming skills.

1. Eggy Bomb: Cooldown reduced by 1s for faster offense use and seizing the initiative.
2. Thunderbolt: Increased the skill's throwing distance and throwing speed, enlarged the hit volume of Thor's Dart and the lightning range after hitting, making it easier to hit targets.
3.Gravity Bomb: Slightly increased the bomb's speed. It can also be detonated immediately after use, making it more handy in emergencies!
4. Jack-in-the-Box: Slightly increased the box's throwing distance and extended its on-field duration by 2s.
5. Cupid's Bow (item): Increased the strength of the heart rope's pull when it hits, resulting in a stronger restraining effect.


【Eggyverse & Workshop Updates】
I. Workshop Update
1. Added a "Unit Shop" containing hundreds of custom-themed units such as Buildings, Props, and Creatures! Tap to view and download your favorite units and apply them to your maps!

2. Four new types of lighting have been added to "Mechanisms" - "Functional": Point Light, Spotlight, Line Light, and Panel Light. The Panel Light has 4 interchangeable appearances, allowing for the projection of various light and shadow patterns. Come create some unique lighting experiences!

3. Added the "Combine Units" feature, enabling Craftsmen to merge physical and decorative units into one, making them seen as one unit. This feature helps to reduce map file size and improve game performance. Feel free to try it out!

4. When playing in Eggyverse maps, you can now use "Summon" to teleport other players on the map to your location! Craftsmen can customize summoning rules in Map Settings.

5. Updated the Story Conversation feature, introducing functions like focusing on interaction objects during dialogue, interactions triggered by events, and dialogue options triggered by events.

6. Added humanoid and quadruped creatures! Craftsmen can freely design their appearances and use them as creatures.

II. Eggy Code Update
1. Added a large batch of building blocks.
2. Eggy Code now supports custom template creation, allowing Craftsmen who are not familiar with Eggy Code to quickly get started! You can also share templates with other Craftsmen!

III. UI Editor Updates
1. Added a new widget "Progress Bar" and related Eggy Code, which can be used to create various scenes that display progress changes.
2. Introducing the new "Animation Editing" feature! Simply select a widget, then navigate to the animation editing interface located on the far right under "More". Here, you can adjust the position, rotation, size, and other properties of the widget over a certain time period. Stay tuned for more exciting features!

IV. Eggyverse Update
Eggyverse maps now have exclusive codes! Quickly share your favorite maps with more friends!


【Adjustments & Optimizations】
1. Workshop Level Badges are now featured in Avatar under Eggy File. The badge displayed varies according to the player's Craftsman Points. Badges will only appear if the Craftsman has accumulated more than 50 Craftsman Points.
2. Added a "Favorites" feature to the game modes interface. Really digging a mode? Add it to your Favorites!
3. Optimized the button style on the login interface.
4. Optimized the display of connection error messages.


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