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5/16 Update Announcement


Dear Players:

Q has arrived with the latest news from Eggy Island! Let's check it out!

【Game Mode Updates】
I. Crazy Eggy, The Final Showdown!
Charge forward on vibrant tracks and jump into a heart-pounding competition with your Eggy buddies! Showcase your unique talents! Conquer the Crazy Eggy championships with slick outfits and even slicker skills! Predict the winner and support your favorite players in the arena for a chance to win a bunch of Shiny Coins and an exclusive title!
Schedule: Elimination Matches will be held on 18 May, from 20:30 to 22:00, and the Finals will be held on 19 May, from 20:30 to 22:00.
Tournament Scope: Only available for certain regions. If your region isn't included this time, please stay tuned for future tournaments!
Competition Adjustment: To ensure a fairer Crazy Eggy competitive environment, grabbing will be disabled in the starting phase.
II. Eggyverse Club Update
Map selected: Bullet Hail
Opening Time: Available after 17 May, 00:00
This mode features a 4v4 team shooting map. Defeat opponents to earn points. The first team to reach the goal wins!
Experience three maps with distinct styles and explore hidden ways to win! Move strategically and blast your way to victory!


【Event Updates】

I. Koko the Koi Mystery Box Update
Event Time: 17 May, 0:00 - 13 June, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Draw using Egg Coins during the event to get the epic outfit Koko the Koi and back accessory Treasure Pouch, guaranteed within 9 draws! The koi of the island give you their blessings!

II. To Arms, Eggies! Event Starts
Event Time: 17 May, 0:00 - 6 June, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: During the event, complete goals to exchange for Jade Spear, Palace of Sword & Heart, and Valley of Flowers Doctor for free! You can also get the discounted Purple Celestial for as low as 60 Egg Coins, so come and participate!


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