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5/9 Update Announcement


Dear Players,


To ensure all players can have a great gaming experience, we will be performing a zero-downtime maintenance between 14:00-14:30 (GMT+8) on 5/9. We will make another announcement notifying you about the end of the update once it's been concluded.

Details of this update are as follows:


【Game Mode Updates】
I. Mega Eggy Updates
Opening Time: Available after 10 May, 2024
Strategically move Eggies to combine them into higher-level ones and earn points. The higher the level of the Eggy, the more points you'll receive. Keep merging Eggies to reach higher scores!

II. Crazy Eggy is in full swing!
Charge forward on vibrant tracks and jump into a heart-pounding competition with your Eggy buddies! Showcase your unique talents! Conquer the championship with slick outfits and even slicker skills! Predict the winner and support your favorite players in the arena for a chance to win a bunch of Shiny Coins and an exclusive title!
How to Participate: Registration opens on 9 May at 20:30, 10 May at 9:00, and 10 May at 20:30, with 3,000, 3,000, and 4,000 slots available respectively.
Schedule: Score Parties are held on 11 May and 12 May, from 20:30 to 21:00; Elimination Matches will be held on 18 May, from 20:30 to 22:00, and the Finals will be held on 19 May, from 20:30 to 22:00.
Tournament Scope: Only available for certain regions. If your region isn't included this time, please stay tuned for future tournaments!

III. Eggy Island Updates
A "Mail Bot" has been added to Eggy Island! Got suggestions or feedback for the island? Send 'em through the mailbox! Q will gather every suggestion to keep making Eggy Island even better!


【Event Updates】
I. Great Value Outfit event is now available!
Event Time: 10 May, 0:00 - 30 May, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: The E-sports Pro outfit is here! Purchase in order to unlock great value rewards! For only 60 Egg Coins, you can obtain the E-sports Pro outfit. Additionally, upon purchase, you'll receive the "Peace Out" emoji and other rewards for free!

II. Outstanding Content from Paint-an-Egg
Event Time: 10 May, 00:00 - 23 May, 23:59
The Paint-an-Egg event has resulted in some outstanding creations! Tap the event to enjoy these creative masterpieces now!


【Content Update】
Photo Feature Optimization
1. Improved the control experience of the camera and characters when taking photos. Now, Eggies can take photos more freely!
2. Added the ability to hide other interface content while taking photos.
3. Added new filters and frames. Try them out now!


【Workshop & Eggyverse Updates】
Added units with a Western medieval style to the Workshop


【Adjustments & Optimizations】
1. Interface updated. Tap the right side to view more features.
2. Fixed the issue of abnormal display for the Ignis Mystery Box.
3. Fixed the issue where the skills of the Honest Egg were not working properly in Who's Rotten? mode.


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