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4/11 Update Announcement


Dear Players,


To ensure all players can have a great gaming experience, we will be performing a zero-downtime maintenance between 14:00-14:30 (GMT+8) on 4/11. We will make another announcement notifying you about the end of the update once it's been concluded.

In addition, we are planning to update the Party Season on 4/12 at 00:00. Ranked Party entry will close at 23:30 on 4/11 (players in the middle of a match will not be affected), Pentathlon entry will close at 23:50, Party Pass purchase will be disabled at 23:55, and the new Party Season will start at 23:59. During this time, there may be some server fluctuations, so please plan your playtime accordingly. We appreciate your understanding and support!

Details of this update are as follows:


【Mysteries Galore Season】
I. Season Event
Event Time: Opens at 00:00 on 12 Apr
Event Scope: All players on the server
The new Mysteries Galore Party Season is about to start! Complete each week's goals weekly to receive different-colored flower wreaths. Claimed wreaths will automatically convert to Wonderland Coins at a ratio of 5:1, which can be exchanged for rewards such as Fairytale Scarecrow, Sun Folding Fan, and Rope Glasses!
The new season storyline diary is also available. A dreamy wonderland awaits! Enter the Mysteries Galore Party Season Diary page, get your goals, chat with the characters, and browse the story to receive rewards such as Wonderland Coins and "I’m full" for free!

II. Stage Update
The brand-new Mysteries Galore Season is now available!
The season includes 9 new stages: Floating Garden, Mushroom Kingdom, Plant Crisis, Flying Through Hoops, Floral Journey, Witch's Hut, Petal Extension, Fiery Bazaar, and Petal Reversal.

III. Introducing the New Themed Season Party Pass!
1. Complete Activity Goals to get great rewards including the Lonely Garden outfit and accessories. Purchase the pass and complete goals to obtain cool outfits such as Nibbles the Squirrel, Astute Acorn, and Sasha the Coconut, as well as other rewards like Shiny Coins and Egg Coins!
2. Remaining Party Pass EXP from the Stellar Encounter Season will be automatically converted to Fashion Badges during server maintenance.

IV. Season Total Top-up Event Starts
During the event, top up to get awesome Shiny Coin rewards! Get up to 66 Shiny Coins!

V. Season Packs Now Available for Preorder
Get Shiny Coins at 62% off now from Hot Sale > Special Pack!

VI. Season Mystery Boxes
Ignis, the innocent and romantic fire spirit; Shining Magic Lamp, who guides and protects everyone atop the tower; Mia, the bard who roams around with melodious music; and the three cute Shroomkins: Red Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, and Colorful Mushroom. Join the faire now to explore the truth of the story in the Wonderland Woods!


【Event Updates】
I. First Top-up Event Update
The First Top-up event has been updated! Starting from 12 Apr at 00:00, all Eggies can now top up any amount to get their pick of one of the following rare outfits for free: Pippin the Crocodile, Pipsqueak the Guinea Pig, and Yi-yi the Parrot!

II. Brooster Event Starts
Event time: 12 Apr at 00:00 - 6 Jun at 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: Participate in the drawing during the event to get the Brooster outfit. Each attempt costs only 1 Shiny Coin, and you're guaranteed to get the ultimate prize within 8 tries! Play to add this cute outfit to your collection!

III. Soak 'n' Splash Day Event Starts
Event Time: 13 Apr, 00:00 - 26 Apr, 23:59
Event Details: Log in a certain number of days during the event to receive a free Soak 'n' Splash Day emoji!

IV. Trendsetters' Choice Launches
This event will regularly host various co-creation projects, including fashion design and style selections. Participate to obtain Fashion Badges, the Plant Grass emoji, the Hands on Hips action, and more!
Your ideas and choices are important! Come create a beautiful Eggy Island with us!


【Eggyverse & Workshop Updates】
I. Eggyverse & Workshop Updates
Activity Craftsman Points Added: Starting from 12 Apr at 0:00, you can check your points on your personal homepage! Check the details of Activity Craftsman Points in Eggyverse Workshop. While retaining the original Server-wide Craftsman Point Leaderboard, a new Server-wide Activity Craftsman Point Leaderboard has been added in Master Craftsman Leaderboard. In addition, the Friend Leaderboard and Regional Leaderboard will also be based on Activity Craftsman Points.

II. Advanced Craftsman Benefits Winners Revealed
Event Time: 12 Apr, 00:00 - 18 Apr, 23:59
Event Scope: All players on the server
Event Details: The Advanced Craftsman Benefits winners have been announced! Come check if your map made the list, and don't forget to come try out the winning maps!


【Adjustments & Optimizations】
1. Added interactions to some units
2. Added new units and appearances to the Workshop
3. Updated the Season Mystery Box event interface
4. Updated the Mystery Box event interface


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