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9/21 Zero-Downtime Maintenance Announcement


Dear Players:

To ensure all players can have a great gaming experience, we will be performing a zero-downtime maintenance between 9:30-10:30 (GMT+8) on September 21st.
Estimated details of this update are as follows:


【Gameplay Update】
New Baking Contest Map Available
Opening Time: 00:00, 9/22
A new pastry-themed map, Great Eggy Bake Off is now available! Prep your ovens and get baking!


【New Event】
I. Eggy Party × Beanie Crossover Event Update
Event Time: 9:00, 9/22
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
Event Details: Sign in daily to get currency rewards and the limited-edition Beanie emoji!

II. Eggy Party × Beanie Crossover Prize Pool Opens
Opening Time: 0:00, 9/22
Opening Scope: Server-wide Players
Prize Pool Details: Get the new crossover outfit <Beanie>, as well as other exclusive Beanie accessories and actions!

III. Finding the Moon Rabbit Event Begins
Event Time: 9:00, 9/22 - 23:59, 10/19
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
Event Details: Complete daily Event Goals and call on friends to help collect Rabbit Pastries, and you'll be able to exchange for event-limited Moon Rabbit Outfit and other great rewards. Hop to it!

IV. BunBun Blessing Event Begins
Event Time: 00:00 9/22 - 23:59 10/19
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
Event Details: Get a bun-tastic new look for Yoyo! Top up a certain amount during the BunBun Blessing top-up event to claim Shiny Coins, the new Yoyo outfit, and other awesome rewards!

V. Reunion Moon Rabbit Event Begins
Event Time: 00:00, 9/22 - 23:59, 10/19
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
Event Details: "Does the moon ever get lonely?" the little rabbit thought. "Maybe I should go and keep it company!" The little rabbit's arrival makes the moon shine with different colors! Participate in the event to get the Moon Rabbit outfit. Each try only costs 1 Shiny Coin, and you're guaranteed to get Moon Rabbit within 10 tries!

VI. Supersonic Park Event Begins
Event Time: 00:00 9/22 Sep - 23:59 9/28
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
Event Details: Groove to the beat with A Night of Jams! Come to the Playground with your friends and start your musical journey!

VII. <Eggy Waacking> Event Begins
Event Time: 9/22 - 10/20
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
The second Top Hits Season-themed event #eggyhandwavedance is in full swing. Participate in the event and post Eggy Waacking videos for the chance to win Egg Coins and cash rewards! Don't miss out!


【Playground & Workshop】
The Playground interface has been updated, bringing players a whole new gaming experience. Features in different sections have been significantly upgraded, come try them out!
1. Discovery Section
(a) New Sheldon selected menu added. Sheldon's work is always top-notch!
(b) New Map Album menu added, with various themes to choose from.
(c) New Player-created menu added. Come give your fellow Eggies' outstanding maps a try!
2. Hall Section
(a) Optimized the display of the tag system. After the update, each tag will correspond to a category of icons. Now it's easier than ever to find the maps you want to play!
(b) Added a subscription channel, where you can easily stay up-to-date on your subscribed creators' content.
3. Stay tuned for more exciting new features coming soon!


【Adjustments & Optimizations】
1. Simplified the rearview mirror under Low and Very Low graphics, and improved the lag issue when it appears.
2. Unlocked all graphics settings. Please note that higher graphics settings are more likely to cause lag and overheating.
3. Optimized the display when outfit resources have not been downloaded.
4. Fixed the issue where players couldn't open their backpacks.
5. Added prompts when using the microphone in teams and rooms.
6. Optimized the process of starting a game in rooms.
7. Added records for Casual Parties and Ranked Parties in the statistics details page.
8. In Ranked Parties, defeating other players during the final battle will now earn you extra points.
9. Added a feature in the workshop that allows components to be recolored according to preset schemes.
10. Optimized the display of certain fonts in Credits.


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