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9/7 Zero-Downtime Maintenance Announcement


Dear players,
To ensure all players can have a great gaming experience, we will be performing a zero-downtime maintenance between 9:30-10:30 (GMT+8) on 9/7. 
Estimated details of this update are as follows:

【New Season】
Event Begins: 8 Sep,2023 at 0:00
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
I. Season Event
<Rock and Roll> is about to begin! Collect various musical notes to exchange for Rock Coins, which can be used to exchange for <Top Hits Kid>, <Music Player>, and other new outfits, accessories, emojis, and actions in the Season Store! The world-famous idol band is about to arrive at Eggy Island, come and experience the new season event!
The <Rock'n Roll> themed Ranked Party is now open. Complete Egg Rank Tasks to obtain <Spring Diary Outfit>, <Mini Keyboard Accessory>, and Loyal Fan Avatar Frame!
The <Rock'n Roll> Season Total Top-up event is now open. During the event, you can get generous Shiny Coin rewards by topping up! 66 Shiny Coins are waiting for you to claim!

II. Season Mystery Box
The <Rock'n Roll> themed Season Mystery Box makes a grand debut, with surprise boxes containing <Obsidian - Main Vocalist>, <Carol, the Guitarist>, <Baker, the Robo-Drummer>, and more waiting for you to discover!

III. Season Stages
<Rock'n Roll> is making a grand entrance! Introducing 7 new stages including Just Dance, Music Box, Sonic Sprint, Feel the Beat, and more.

IV. Party Pass
The <Rock and Roll> themed season Party Pass is now available!
1. Participate in Activity Tasks to get the Jungle Kid Outfit, accessories, and other great rewards. Purchase the pass and complete tasks to obtain Doge Egg, Drake, the Mixologist, Green Leaf Frog, and other surprise outfits, as well as Shiny Coins, Egg Coins, and other great rewards!
2. Remaining Party Pass EXP from <Take the Cake> Season will be automatically exchanged for Fashion Badges during server maintenance.

【New Event】

I. <Go Eggies!> Event Begins
Event Time: 8 Sep,2023 - 12 Sep, 2023
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
Event Details: Jump and take flight! Race maps make you shine! The strongest race-type maps are coming, grab your friends and race to the finish line in the playground!

II. First Top-up Upgrade
Event Time: After the update and maintenance are completed
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
Event Details: The First Top-up Event reward has been upgraded! Participate in the new version of the First Top-up Event and top up any amount to immediately unlock the Waacking action. Players who have activated the old version of the First Top-up Event don't need to be worried. Go to Mail to claim the Waacking Action x1 reward.

III. <What the Duck?> Event Begins
Event Time: 8 Sep - 21 Sep
Event Scope: Server-wide
Event Details: Participate in this event to get the <What the Duck> outfit, each participation costs only 1 Shiny Coin, and the outfit will be yours within 10 attempts! Waddle on with curiosity!

IV. List of Winners of the Eggy Ambassador Event
Announcement Period: 7 Sep - 13 Sep
Event Scope: Server-wide Players
Announcement Details: The Eggy Ambassador event has already ended. Come and see if you're on the winners list!

【Playground & Workshop】
I. New Components: 
1. <Fence>: Musical Fence, Musical Pillar, Light Frame
2. <Backdrop>: Mic 
3. <Special Effect>: Rainbow
4. <Function>: Melody Board, Percussion Board, Musical Trampoline, Sound Wave Wind Ring, Gate of Passing, Tempo Drum
5. <Logic>: Background Music Switcher: Triggered by events to change background music.

II. New Skins: 
1.<Music Concert>: Large Tile, Small Tile, Slope, Cube, Fan Wedge, Conveyor Belt, Springboard, Clockwise Turntable, Counterclockwise Turntable, Semicircle Floor, Square Pyramid

【Adjustments & Optimizations】
1. Now you can also earn level experience in Playground maps.
2. Fixed the abnormal effects when using the Very Low graphics preset.
3. The date format will be adjusted according to the region.
4. Improved the lag issue in stages.
5. Fixed the issue where the friend's name wasn't displayed in the notification when sending gifts.
6. Optimized the Phoenix Egg season ranking settlement system. Now, each Eggy that reaches Phoenix Egg Rank will get 1500 Performance Points when season rankings are settled.

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