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Eggy Code Tutorial Video Creation Contest Arrived Here!


Eggy Code Tutorial Video Creation Contest Arrived Here!
Share Eggy Code Tutorial Videos to Win Egg Coins and Cash Prizes!


The Eggy Code feature is now officially launched! Dive into creating Eggy Code tutorials and share your eggs-periences along the way. The outstanding entries have a chance to win 1688 Egg Coins and a $300 cash incentive💰, along with official promotion!
Join the fun and show us your egg-cellent skills🎉🎉


STEP 1️⃣: Upload your contest video to YouTube or TikTok with the required hashtags #eggycodetutorials according to the rules.
STEP 2️⃣: Share your tutorial video in the Discord event channel: Post your tutorial video with the following format: Video link + Video title + Your in-game name + ID
STEP 3️⃣: Fill out the official registration form: Please complete the form and submit your personal information. Failure to complete the form will result in disqualification from the contest:

Best Tutorial Awards (Based on the quality of tutorials and video performance)
Top1 - 1688 Egg Coins + 300USD
Top2-3 - 1288 Egg Coins + 200USD
Top4-6 - 888 Egg coins + 100USD

Best Creativity Awards (Based on the video content, creation and video performance)
Top3 - 888 Egg Coins + 100USD


Creation Period: 5/28 10:00 - 6/25 23:59 (UTC+8)
Official Selection Period: 6/26 - 7/1
Winners Announcement period: 7/2 - 8/12


1. Content Requirements: The video must be related to Eggy Code functionality tutorials and should not include content from other games.
2. Format Requirements:
- Best Tutorial Award: The tutorial must be longer than 3 minutes.
- Best Creativity Award: The video must be longer than 1 minute.
3. Video Subtitles: Videos should include text descriptions or voice-over explanations. Simple gameplay recordings without subtitles will be deemed unqualified.
4. Quality Encouragement: Creators are encouraged to produce high-quality videos with clear guidance to help other players understand Eggy Code.
5. Language: The text or voice-over in the video must be in Traditional Chinese or English.


🥇Award Acquisition Instructions:
1. Submission Limits: Users can submit an unlimited number of videos, but only the highest data from a single platform for the same video will be recorded, and each user can only win one highest-level themed award.
• For example: If a player wants to win both the Best Tutorial Award and the Best Creativity Award, they need to upload at least two different videos to compete for each award separately, and the uploaded videos must meet the requirements of each theme.
• For example: If a player uploads the same video to both YouTube and TikTok, we will select the highest data from a single platform for that video as the contest data.
2. If no suitable entries are selected, awards may not be granted. The official team holds the final interpretation rights.

📬 Event Rewards Distribution:
1. After the event ends, the official teams will announce the list of winners, which will be published for 7 days. If you have any questions about the participating works during the public period, please contact us at
2. Rewards will be distributed within 30 days after the end of the winner announcement period.
3. We will use the in-game ID provided by participants in the registration form to distribute rewards. Please verify the provided game ID. If the reward distribution fails due to an incorrect game ID, the official teams will not resend the reward.

✍️ Event Rules:
1. Participation in the contest signifies that each participant agrees to and abides by the official rules and the decisions of the organizers. These rules are final and binding. The official teams are responsible for collecting, submitting, or processing the entries and for the overall management of the contest.
2. This contest is open to all players who can normally play Eggy Party (excluding commercial accounts and other users that may affect the fairness of the competition).
3. Submissions and materials must be original creations by the individual. Using others' materials, AI-generated content, or including other brand information is prohibited. Infringing works or data manipulation will result in disqualification.
4. Entries deemed incomplete by the organizers will not be eligible for awards.
5. Submitted works should be positive and must not contain excessive violence, gore, pornography, or any illegal content, and comply with local laws.
6. By submitting, participants grant Eggy Party the right to reasonably use the content, including but not limited to displaying and using it in-game and on official promotion channels such as Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
7. The official teams reserve the right to adjust, change, or interpret the event within the legal scope.