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The Rainbow Egg Fest Part Ⅱ - Eggy Dance Mania


All Eggies, unite!

On March 29th, the The Rainbow Egg Fest Part Ⅱ officially begins! Apply the special TikTok filter and dance with the Eggies! Post your creative video with the hashtag #EggyDanceMania on TikTok for a chance to win generous Eggy Coins!

★ Theme:
Create and publish videos related to the Eggy Party theme applying the Eggy Party special effects in TikTok or Capcut filters.


★Event Page: 
Click on the link to apply the special effect and join the event:


★Event time:
March 29, 2024 - April 11, 2024  (UTC+11)


★Event Rewards:

🏆 Grand Prizes (3 winners): 2,888 Egg Coins
🥇 First Prize (5 winners): 1,888 Egg Coins 
🥈 Second Prize (10 winners): 1,288 Egg Coins 
🥉 Third Prize (20 winners): 888 Egg Coins 


※Winning works will be selected by the organizer after the submission. Please note that the video's number of views and likes will be an important basis for the selection.


★Participation method:
1.Due to the fact that users outside of the United States are temporarily unable to use the Eggy Party official filter on TikTok, this event is limited to users in the United States only.
2. Please upload the works with the required hashtag【#EggyDanceMania】(i.e. entries) to TikTok according to the rules during the campaign.
3.Please fill in the official questionnaire with your information after submitting your entry. Failure to fill in the official questionnaire will not be regarded as participated successfully.
🙋Link to the official questionnaire:
4. Format requirements: The video time length of the entry should be longer than 20 seconds.
5. Content Requirements: The video must apply the Eggy Party special effect in TikTok / Capcut filter, and no other game content should be included.


★Reward distribution:
1. At the end of the event, the organizer will announce the winner list. And it will have a 7-day publicity period. If you have any questions about the entries during the publicity period, please contact us through
2. The rewards will be distributed within 30 days after the end of the publicity period of the winners' list.
3. The rewards will be distributed based on the in-game ID provided by the participant in the questionnaire, so please be sure to verify the in-game ID provided. The organizer will not be able to promise to re-distribute the rewards, if the rewards are not delivered due to incorrect in-game ID provided by the participant.


1. Video entries that do not apply the Eggy Party special effect in TikTok/ Capcut filter  will not be considered valid submissions.
2. By participating in the contest, each participant agrees to abide by the official rules and decisions of the organizer. These rules are final and binding. The organizer is responsible for collecting, submitting, or managing the entries (as defined below) and the overall management of the contest.
3. During the contest, participants may address the organizer with any questions, suggestions, or inquiries related to the contest. In case of any questions, please send an email to
4. This contest is open to all players who can play Eggy Party normally (excluding commercial accounts or other users that may affect the fairness of the contest).
5. Entries and materials must be original and created by the individual. It is prohibited to plagiarize or use AI to create the works. The works should not contain information about other brands. Upon discovery of copyright infringement or behaviors that compromise the fairness of the contest such as data manipulation, the participant will be disqualified.
6. Entries deemed to have extremely low completion by the organizer will not be eligible for rewards.
7. There is no limit to the number of entries per user. However, only the highest data from a single platform will be recorded for each video, and only one top-level activity reward can be obtained finally.
8. The content of submission entries should be positive and comply with local laws.
9. Once the entries are submitted, it is assumed that "Eggy Party" has the right to reasonably use the content, including but not limited to displaying and using them with attribution in the game, and on official Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok, and other promotional channels.
10. The organizer reserves the right to adjust, modify, or interpret this activity within the scope of the law.